Mutagenesis Special Issue: EEMGS New Investigators: rising stars in environmental mutagenesis

Take a look at our first special issue published at the Mutagenesis (OUP) (here).

…we hope we’ve sparked your interest in tracking the future developments of our NI authors, tomorrow’s leaders of in the field.


Julen Sanz-Serrano

Provides an overview of AOPs leading to liver cancer and discusses their use in advanced testing of liver carcinogenic chemicals

Lola Llorente

This work shows the effects of heat stress at the molecular level in aquatic dipterans.

Milan Rajković

The genotoxicity evaluation showed that D. immitis infection resulted in DNA damage in naturally infected dogs.

Maria Alonso Jauregui

General toxicity parameters were not altered individually or in the mixture (Sterigmatocystin and Aflatoxin B1).

Yuzhi Chen

This study provides a reference for the selection of an optimal site for Mos-mediated single copy insertion technique.

Aliro Villacorta

 The hot topic discussion on the risk that titanium compounds, used as food additives.

S. Cvetković, T. Ganić

Frangula alnus and emodin have significant anticancer activity against hepatocellular and colorectal carcinoma cell line.

Alja Štern

The combined plasma-supercavitation device represents an environmentally-friendly technology that could provide contamination.

Current issues in toxicology


A commentary


Source, fate, toxicity…

In vitro to in vivo

A novel testing strategy

3D Models and genotoxicity testing

Micronucleus area


How to begin

Scoring criteria

Make your test a cytome


Cancer prediction

Buccal MN

Protocol for the test on buccal epithelial cells

Comet area


How to begin


MIRCA guideline


Cancer prediction

Personal development and transferable skills

Improbable Research