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February 2023 EMM Editor’s Choice Article

The February 2023 EMM Editor’s Choice Article is "Assessing testicular germ cell DNA damage in the comet assay; introduction of a proof-of-concept" by Yvette Dirven, Dag Markus Eide, Erika Witasp Henriksson, Rune Hjorth, Anoop Kumar Sharma, Anne Graupner, Gunnar...

Postdoc Opportunity is now available in the MIT Department of Biological Engineering as part of the MIT Superfund Research Program

An exciting postdoc position is now open in the Engelward laboratory to study DNA repair in mouse models. Join a terrific team of researchers to study the impact of mis-regulated DNA repair on molecular, cellular, and tissue level responses in mice exposed to...

In memoriam Dr. Ilse-Dore Adler

Obituary We are deeply sorry for the loss of Dr. Ilse-Dore Adler, who was last active at Helmholtz Munich, German Research Center for Environmental Health, before retiring. Dr. Adler passed away on April 7, 2023. Ilse-Dore Adler (1940 - 2023) studied biology,...

“The EEMGS is comprised of regional mutagenesis societies across many European countries. As a scientific society, we denounce all acts of aggression and discrimination that may affect our members. In these uncertain and challenging times, we would like to extend our support to all scientists working together on Environmental Mutagenesis who share our values of peace and freedom for all”.

This site is intended for EEMGS members and any party interested in the broad field of environmental mutagenesis and/or in our activities.

The EEMGS is a scientific society that encourages the study of mutagens and substances of related biological activity in the human environment, particularly as these mutagens may be of concern to public health, and to engage in and sponsor research, study and dissemination of information relating to the foregoing.

We are looking forward to further collaboration!

Sabine Langie, Amaya Azqueta, George Johnson, Paul Fowler, Roland Frötschl

(the EEMGS Executive Committee)